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Our Turtle Tally project is going great!  But Adopt-A-Pond and turtles all across Ontario still need your help!

Report your turtle sightings by entering your observations into our on-line database.

The purpose is to collect, record and store location and species information on Ontario turtles, including species at risk. Turtles are most often seen in June when they are traveling to reach their nesting sites. The information that is collected in this database will be submitted to the Natural Heritage Information Centre and will be used to learn more about turtle distributions in Ontario.

Click here for the latest Turtle Tally summary!

Why should I participate?

  1. To increase understanding of turtle distribution and ranges
  2. Information on turtle species and location is useful to identify areas of concern and threats to turtles
  3. To learn more about the threats facing turtles in Ontario and around the world
  4. To have fun!

How do I participate?

    Simply click the Submit Your Sighting button above to fill in our on-line form, or contact us to let us know what you've found!
        Please note that red-eared sliders are not native to Ontario.  Please let us know if you found a slider by leaving a comment in the "Additional Comments" box!
        If you have a turtle question that needs an immediate answer please email us directly at
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