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Common Snapping Turtle

Chelydra serpentina 
  • 20.3-36 cm; record 49.4cm
  • 4.5-16kg; record 32kg snapping turtle once lived at Toronto Zoo
  • Carapace is light brown to black
  • young turtles have three longitudinal keels; older turtles almost smooth
  • Plastron is yellowish, small and cross-shaped; legs and skin not well protected
  • Large head, two barbels on neck
  • Head, limbs and tail are brown
  • Tail is same length or longer than carapace with "dinosaur-like" triangular scales projecting from the upper side.
  • Only aggressive when threatened on land
  • Will swim away from danger and people when in the water
  • Lays 20-40 round, ping-pong ball-like eggs