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Turtle Conservation Curriculum

Grades 1 - 8
by Strand
Grades 9 -12
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Turtle Curriculum
by Topic
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Turtle Curriculum

- Grades 1-8
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  Understanding life systemsUnderstanding structures and mechanisms Understanding matter and energy Understanding earth and space systems
1 needs and characteristics
of living things
materials, objects,energy in ourdaily and seasonal and everyday structures lives changes
2 growth & changes
in animals       
movement properties of liquids and solids air and water in the environment
3 growth and changes in plantsstrong and stable structures forces causing movementsoils in the environment
4 habitats and   communities   
pulleys and gears light and sound rocks and minerals
5 human organ systemsforces acting on structures and mechanismsproperties of and changes in matterconservation of energy and resources
flight electricity and electrical devicesspace
7interactions in
the environment     
form and functionpure substances and mixturesheat in the environment
8cellssystems in actionfliudswater systems
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