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Snake Resources

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Wildlife Crossing Signs

Snakes are often mistreated due to myths and fears, in some places they are intentionally targeted by drivers when crossing roads. This human persecution removes snakes from the population and leads to overall population declines. Adopt-A-Pond provides many opportunities to become involved in conserving Ontario's reptiles and informing others about the threats they face. If you live in an area with high snake road mortality you may be interested in a road awareness sign!

How do I 'sign up'?

  • Identify a snake road mortality hotspot (ie. take photos of the area and mortalities/injuries. Get neighbours involved in watching for animal mortalities)
  • Obtain approval from the municipality or road authority where the sign will be installed and meet their sign location and installation specifications (Contact your local road authority with your request).
  • Or demonstrate that you will be installing the sign on private property adjacent to a road mortality hotspot
  • Then contact the Adopt-A-Pond Coordinator by visiting our contact us page