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Rattlesnake Curriculum

Grades 1 - 8
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Grades 9 -12
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Rattlesnake Curriculum
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Rattlesnake Curriculum

Grades 1-8
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  Understanding life systemsUnderstanding structures and mechanisms Understanding matter and energy Understanding earth and space systems
1 Needs and Charac. of living things
materials, objects, and everyday structures energy in our lives
daily and seasonal changes
2 growth and changes in animals
movementproperties of liquids and solidsair and water in the environment
3growth and changes in plantsstong and stable structuresforces causing movementsoils in the environment
4 habitats and communities
pulleys and gears light and sound rocks and minerals
5 human organ systems forces acting on structures and mechanisms properties of and changes in matterconservation of and resources energy
6 biodiversity
flight electricity and electrical devices space
7 interactions in the environment
form and functionpure substances and mixturesheat in the environment
8 cells systems in actionfliudswater systems
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