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Frogs and Toads

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Mink Frog

Lithobates septentrionalis
  • A medium-sized 5-7 cm frog
  • Dark olive green to grey in colour darker circular reticulations scattered over the back.
  • The mouth is bright green
  • The dorsolateral ridge does not extend the length of the back.
  • They leave a musky odour when handled
  • No cross bands on legs.
  • The mink frog is found in weed-choked, sluggish rivers, along marshy shorelines, and in swamps and bogs.
  • It is most often found in Central Ontario.
  • Calls are heard in June and July, sounding from a distance like the staccato sound of someone hammering.
  • Eggs are laid in loose clusters and are attached to submerged vegetation.
  • Tadpoles spend the winter in the water, and transform in June or July of the following year.
  • Mink frogs are opportunistic feeders and they will feed amongst floating plants some distance from the shore.
Mink frog

Description of call: The sound of someone hammering in the distance, or the hooves of a galloping horse.

minkfrog - use this link to download the sound file if your browser does not support embedded files.