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Adopt-A-Pond Newsletter - Amphibian Voice

For the latest news on Adopt-A-Pond projects, Visit our Blog! You can also consult our past newsletters for a variety of wetland articles and information.

Amphibian Voice has been the newsletter of the Adopt-A-Pond Wetland Conservation Programme for over 20 years. Each edition contains information on a variety of wetland and conservation-related subjects, as well as artwork and other submissions from communities across Ontario. Although no longer in production, look below for select archived editions of Amphibian Voice. They are posted on the site in PDF format. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, click the icon below to download it.

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Winter 2011
"Conservation in Action!"

Fall 2011
"Wetland Ecology Concerns of Today "

Summer 2010
"Waterfront Stewardship"

Spring 2010
"Celebrating Biodiversity"

Winter 2010
"Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation"

Fall 2009
"Urban Conservation"

Summer 2009
"Summer at Adopt-A-Pond"

Winter 2008
"Species at Risk"

Fall 2008
"Your Issue of Amphibian Voice"

Summer 2008
"Turtles and Roads"

Spring 2008
"Thunder Dance"

Winter 2007
"2008 Year of the Frog"

Fall 2007
"Your Issue of Amphibian Voice"

Summer 2007
"Summer of the the Turtle"

Spring 2007
"Spring and Road Awareness"

Winter 2006
"Conservation Success Stories"
Fall 2006
"Great Lakes Biodiversity"
Summer 2006
"Great Lakes Biodiversity"
Winter 2005
"Footprint Files"
Fall 2005
"Troubling Times for Turtles"

Summer 2005
"The Scientific Wonders of Wetlands"
Spring 2005
"Spring Into Action"
Winter 2004

Fall 2004
"Turtles in Trouble"

Summer 2004
"Habitat at Risk"

Spring 2004
"Ephemeral Wetlands and Salamanders"

Winter 2003

Fall 2003
"Living with Bats"

Summer 2003
"Citizens Saving Turtles"

Spring 2003
"Ontario's Wetlands"

Winter 2002

Fall 2002
"Ontario's Troubled Turtles"

Summer 2002
"Ontario's Ephemeral Wetlands"

Spring 2002
"Turtles, turtles, turtles!"

Fall 2001
"Cattail Control"

Spring 2001
"The Frenzied Toads of Spring"

Winter 2001
"Have You Heard This Frog?"