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Animal Wards
Animal holding areas in the new Wildlife Health Centre have been designed to meet the specialized requirements of various animals in the zoo collection. Separate and specialized rooms include a 'Strong Room' for larger animals such as primates and large cats, an area with a pool for aquatic species, and a high temperature and humidity room for animals that require such a climate. The ability to meet an animal's natural needs will result in less stressful environment, faster recovery time and improved chances of survival after medical procedures.

Animal Wards

Public Viewing Corridor
Providing species survival educational opportunities to all visitors and guests is a fundamental value for the Toronto Zoo. The new upgrade will include a public viewing area which will provide visitors with the ability to witness the Wildlife Health Centre veterinarians and veterinary technicians at work. This viewing area will provide visual access to the Clinical Laboratory, Surgery Suite, Treatment Suite, and Radiology.

Public Viewing Corridor

Reproductive Unit
The Toronto Zoo is a leader in reproductive research and assisted reproduction for wild animals. The new reproductive laboratories will expand our current programs to meet the increased demand for reproductive cell storage, hormone analysis, and research areas. This will enable the Toronto Zoo to complete more advanced species survival research, resulting in more endangered species births and enhanced wild release programs.

Reproductive Unit

Veterinary Units
The success stories that emerge from the Wildlife Health Centre are a direct result of the hard work and care provided by our veterinarians, technicians, zookeepers and support staff. The new Wildlife Health Centre will improve current space limitations and allow for tours, lectures, meetings, seminars and curatorial talks for internal and external visitors. More efficient communication and office locations will enable our staff to respond to medical and emergency issues faster resulting in a higher quality of care and survival rate for our beloved animal ambassadors.
Veterinary Units

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This project is an investment in the care and well-being of our animal ambassadors and the species survival efforts at the Toronto Zoo. Supporting or partnering with the Zoo demonstrates your commitment to the survival of species at risk.

For more information on corporate or personal donation opportunities, including naming, bequests or other gifts please contact:

Darryl Swain
Campaign Director