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Completed Projects

Improving the visitor experience!

The WILD for Life redevelopment effort is well underway. Since 2009 the Toronto Zoo has completed three major redevelopment projects. Each project features significant improvements in design that improve the animal and visitor experiences. The Tundra Trek and Giant panda projects have been honoured with a national design and international signage award respectively.

Tundra Trek 2009
This award winning exhibit is anchored by a state of the art polar bear habitat as well as snow geese, Arctic fox, wolves, reindeer and snowy owl. The Tundra Trek introduces our visitors to the impacts that climate change and global warming have on the survival of iconic Canadian species.

Tundra Trek

Giant Pandas 2013
The five year visit of Giant pandas Da Mao and Er Shun allows Canadians to experience this rare and graceful species up close. During their visit, the Toronto Zoo's work will deepen the knowledge and expertise on Giant panda behaviour, reproduction and nutrition to international research efforts. While at the Toronto Zoo, the Giant pandas will become a part of a global breeding initiative, either via natural or artificial insemination techniques. The work completed by our Zoo's reproductive staff will advance the species survival efforts for the Giant panda around the world.

Giant Panda

Eurasia Wilds
Eurasia Wilds has been redesigned to showcase key Asian and European landscapes as well as the species they support. The revitalization sought to consolidate and intensify the various exhibits into a smaller footprint and provide better access to exhibits for visitors. Every aspect of the design promotes the best animal management techniques, helping zoo staff respond to the animals' needs in easier and less stressful ways and place an emphasis on species survival programs. The revitalized Eurasia Wilds is now open! Guests can now visit the snow leopards, red pandas, Eurasian eagle owls, Bactrian camels and more.

Eurasia Wilds

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This project is an investment in the care and well-being of our animal ambassadors and the species survival efforts at the Toronto Zoo. Supporting or partnering with the Zoo demonstrates your commitment to the survival of species at risk.

For more information on corporate or personal donation opportunities, including naming, bequests or other gifts please contact:

Marion Zimmer
Senior Development Officer