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Adopt an Animal

If you have a favourite Zoo animal how about adopting it? Your animal will still live here, but you'll go home knowing you're supporting the Zoo. Adoption fees help us take good care of the animals, protect endangered species, and pursue on-going conservation efforts.

Individuals, Schools, Clubs and Corporations are all welcome in our Adopt an Animal "family".

Adopting an animal makes a totally unique gift. What's inside the package depends on the adoption fee.
Become a "parent" today!

Here’s a chance to get an exclusive “Peek at a Panda”
before they leave!


This amazing $500 package features:

  • A unique adoption certificate
  • An animal fact sheet on the giant pandas
  • Admissions and parking for TWO (2) guests for the whole day
  • An escorted behind the scenes tour of the giant panda house and bamboo cooler, to learn more about the pandas with the panda keeper
  • An exclusive opportunity to see the pandas and assist the keeper with a snack feeding
  • Partial charitable tax receipt (for the buyer of the gift)

* Feeding not guaranteed and is subject to panda’s behaviour and choice
** Must be purchased at least 24 hours in advance and are non-refundable. Only one (1) time slot for a maximum two (2) people is available per day. For full tour details please click here.

This is a limited time offer
from February 28 to March 18.
So what are you waiting for?
Click here to purchase your “Peek at a Panda” time slot online today!


Note: Purchasers will be issued full or partial tax receipt as applicable

Zoo Parents - $25 (Click here)

  • Certificate of adoption (Animal picture not included)
  • Animal fact sheet
  • Fun and informative Newsletter
  • To/From card

Zoo Plus Parents - $50 (Click here)

  • All the above benefits AND
  • Animal “parent’s” name displayed on our recognition wall
  • Certificate with colour picture of your selected animal

Keepers Club - $100 (Click here)

  • All the above benefits AND
  • Invitation* to Parents Day (Free day at the Zoo for animal "parents")
  • A copy of the Wild for Life magazine*
    *Invitation and magazine sent separately

Chairman's Club - $500 (Click here)

  • All the above benefits AND
  • Framed "adoption" certificate
  • A fantastic behind-the-scenes tour for FOUR people featuring ONE visit with a zookeeper and animal.

  • NOTE: Tours run April to October. Advance notice is required. Click here for TOUR DETAILS.

VIP Club - $1,000 (Click here)

  • All the above benefits (excluding the $500 level tour) PLUS
  • An exclusive VIP behind-the-scene tour for SIX people featuring TWO visits with zookeepers and animals.

  • NOTE: Tours run April to October. Advance notice is required. Click here for TOUR DETAILS.

Animals to Choose From

(NOTE: The animal you “adopt” may not be the animal you will see on the Chairman’s Club or VIP Club tour. Download the TOUR DETAILS document for a full outline of the tour and a list of Animal Holding Areas where we can take visitors. Please call us if you have any questions (416-392-9114).

African lion (white)
African penguin
African rhino (white)
Arctic wolf
Bald eagle
Black-footed ferret
Giant panda
Golden frog
Golden lion tamarin

Great Indian rhinoceros
Grevy's zebra
Komodo dragon
Lowland gorilla
Masai giraffe
Polar Bear
Red panda
Reticulated Python

Ring-tailed lemur
River hippopotamus
River otter
Snow leopard
Snowy owl
Spider monkey
Sumatran orangutan
Sumatran tiger
Two-toed sloth

If you don't see the animal you'd like to adopt, please call us at (416) 392-9114 or send us an e-mail message at We will try our very best to help you.

For Adopt an Animal orders by phone, please call 416-392-9114.

(Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 5 pm)

Click here for the Adopt an Animal form (PDF)
Print and mail to:

Toronto Zoo Development
361A Old Finch Avenue
Toronto ON M1B 5K7