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Milestones in the life of our baby polar bear:

  • Day 6 - Our polar bear cub began 'purring'
  • Day 8 - Our polar bear cub began crawling
  • Day 14 - Ears start to open near this time and skin colour begins to turn from pink to black. Nose and pads on feet also begin to turn black.
  • Day 15 - Our polar bear cub began rolling over
  • Day 24 - Polar bear cub moved out of incubator
  • Day 27 - Eyes started opening
  • One Month - Eyes fully opened, but not focusing yet
  • Day 34 - Started lifting his belly off the floor for a few seconds
  • Day 51 - Trying to take steps, but mostly rolling over
  • Day 51 - Teeth starting to erupt
  • Day 55 - Started to be able to sit up
  • Day 56 - Air conditioner installed in the ICU to cool the room temperature
  • Day 57 - Black whiskers and eyebrow hairs noticed; vision had improved greatly, and began focusing on surroundings
  • Day 59 - First solid steps forward taken
  • Day 70 - Weighs 4.4 kg
  • Day 71 - Now receiving 5 feeds a day

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