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name pronunciation

Jia Bao 加宝
Canadian Treasure
Duo Bao 多宝
Toronto Treasure

DuoDuo 多多
JiaJia 加加

Jia Pengyou 加朋友
Canadian Friend
Duo Pengyou 多朋友
Toronto Friend

Jia Panpan 加盼盼
Canadian Hope
Jia Yueyue 加悦悦
Canadian joy

Jia Renjian 加人见
Jia Ren’ai 加人爱

Originating from Chinese idiom which means 'when Canadians see them, Canadians will love them'.

Jia Baobao 加宝宝
Jia Beibei 加贝贝
Originating from Chinese idiom which means 'two Canadian Treasures'.

Jia Huabao 加华宝
Jia Huabei 加华贝
Originating from a Chinese word which means 'two Canadian and Chinese Treasures'.


Q.What is “Name Canada's First Giant Panda Cubs, Presented by Cathay Pacific Airways”?
A. The Toronto Zoo is inviting the public to help us name Canada’s First Giant Panda Cubs. The public is asked to vote for their favourite pair of names for the giant panda cubs.
Q. When does “Name Canada's First Giant Panda Cubs, Presented by Cathay Pacific Airways” start?
A. Voting opens to the public on Monday, 2016-02-08.
Q. How long is the voting open to the public?
A. Voting starts on Monday, 2016-02-08 and closes on Sunday, 2016-02-28 at 11:59 pm.
Q.Where can the public vote?
A.Visit or the Toronto Zoo’s Facebook page at to vote. To vote through Facebook, you will require a Facebook account. To vote through our website, you will require an email address.
Q.What if I don't have an email address or a Facebook account?
A.You can create a Facebook profile for free at or create an email account, or any other free email service provider. Unfortunately we will not be accepting votes aside from those on Facebook or
Q. Can I vote for different names in separate pairs?
A.No, you must vote for a set of names that have been predetermined. The name pairs can be viewed at, or
Q.How many times can the public vote?
A.Users can enter one vote per email address. For multiple users under the same household and/or computer, please refresh or close and re-open your browser to vote again. If your browser is linked through Facebook, please ensure you sign out of your Facebook account for alternate Facebook users to log in and vote.
Q.What are the potential Giant Panda Cub names and meaning?
A. The following list outlines the eight different sets of names the public can vote on:

Jia Bao 加宝 & Duo Bao 多宝 meaning Canadian Treasure and Toronto Treasure

DuoDuo 多多 & JiaJia 加加 which translates to Toronto & Canada

Jia Pengyou 加朋友 & Duo Pengyou 多朋友 meaning Canadian Friend & Toronto Friend

Jia Panpan 加盼盼 & Jia Yueyue 加悦悦 meaning Canadian Hope and Canadian Joy

Jia Renjian 加人见 & Jia Ren’ai 加人爱 originating from Chinese idiom that means when Canadians see them, Canadians will love them

Jia Baobao 加宝宝 & Jia Beibei 加贝贝 originating from Chinese idiom which means two Canadian Treasures

Jia Huabao 加华宝 & Jia Huabei 加华贝 originating from Chinese word which means two Canadian and Chinese Treasures
Q.When will the names of the giant panda cubs be announced?
A.The Toronto Zoo will be announcing the names of the cubs on Monday, March 7, 2016.
Q.Can public submit their own names for the cubs?
A.No, we are asking the public to vote for seven sets of names that have been selected by the naming committee. The committee, made up of representatives from the Chinese Cultural Centre of Toronto and the Toronto Zoo, was developed to compile an initial list of potential names for the giant panda cubs. This initial list was provided for input on proper translation and meaning. From there the list of potential names was shared with representatives from the Chinese Association of Zoological Gardens (CAZG), Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding and Chongqing Zoo, who provided their feedback. A final review of the names was then provided through the assistance, once again, of Associate Professor, English/Chinese Translation Program, and University of Toronto.
Q.Do we know the sex of the cubs?
A.Yes, the larger cub that was born first is male, and the smaller cub born second is female.
Q.Who is the father of the cubs?
A.Fresh sperm was used from Toronto Zoo’s male panda Da Mao and frozen sperm collected from two giant pandas in China.

The two other possible fathers are Qiubang and Xiongbang from Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding.
Q.Why don’t we know who the father of the cubs is?
A.We could, theoretically, determine the paternity, but have not been given permission to do so as the paternity will be determined when they return to China.

Paternity doesn't matter to us as we love them regardless of which panda fathered them!
Q.When can the public see the giant panda cubs?
A.The giant panda cubs will be on exhibit for March Break (March 12 to March 20) and Easter Weekend (March 25 to 28). Check and Toronto Zoo social media for complete details including times the cubs will be on display.
Q. Is there a sponsor for the naming contest?
A.Yes, Cathay Pacific has generously offered to sponsor the giant panda cub naming contest.
Q. How can I find out more about the naming contest?
A.Visit or for more information.