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Hudson's Story

The first 100 days ...

On October 11, 2011, Aurora, one of the Zoo's two 10-year old female polar bears, gave birth to three cubs, fathered by Inukshuk. Tragically, the new mother rejected the cubs shortly after birth, upon which time, Zoo staff quickly intervened and rescued the two surviving cubs. Less than 24 hours later, one cub sadly succumbed to injuries sustained, leaving one male cub surviving.

This was the beginning of a long three months for Toronto Zoo veterinary and wildlife care staff. Day and night, Zoo staff monitored and cared for this little newborn cub. They weathered through some close calls, however born with a healthy appetite and a strong sense of will, this little bear demonstrated a consistent growth rate to reach his a healthy size of 17kg before moving him from the Wildlife Health Unit to his very new exhibit and home, next door to his parents Aurora and Inukshuk.

The next 200 days!

Hudson moved into his new home in the Tundra Trek on February 2012. He was greeted with great excitement from both visitors and media alike. Now, as you walk through Tundra Trek towards Hudson's home, you can see a time line of photographs and information displaying this furry little bundle of joy's journey!

It seemed as though Hudson immediately adapted to his new home in the Tundra Trek and the large amounts of visitors he received every week didn't seem to interrupt his daily routine of playing, sleeping and eating one bit!
As he grew, Zoo staff adapted both his diet and his home to accommodate the needs of a growing bear.

Hudson, now almost one year old, beat the summer heat by spending sunny days in his very own pool - now that's luxury! If he's not splashing about in his pool, he can be found gallivanting around his enclosure, and entertaining Zoo guests with his hilarious antics. He certainly is a ham! Hudson's favourite time of the day is when his keepers surprise him with icy snacks filled with fish or vegetables. He can put on quite a show by playing with his tasty treat, or rolling around in mud.

Continue to watch Hudson grow and help celebrate his milestones as he continues his journey here at the Toronto Zoo!