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Online Animal Outreach Application Form

Please complete and submit the following form to request an animal visit from the Toronto Zoo! * Indicates a required field.
Please note that submission of an application does not guarantee a booking.

Download the application form (PDF) or return to Animal Outreach

For more information, please call (416) 392-5964

Animal Visitors

Please select your preferred animal visitors. We can't guarantee that your top choice will be able to attend, so please select at least one back-up choice. Check back frequently to see our latest additions!

Small Animals
New Guinea singing dog
Domestic ferret
Blue & gold macaw
Barred owl
Concave-casqued hornbill
Lanner falcon
Boa constrictor
Royal python

Fox snake
Milk snake
Rat snake
Red-sided garter snake
Lubber grasshopper
Macleay’s spectre stick insect
Large Animals
Miniature donkey
Premium Animals
Bald eagle
Bactrian camel

Animal Outreach Package

Please choose your desired package (make sure that your animal selections correspond). Your animal visit can include formal presentations, question & answer periods, and photo opportunities. We'll be happy to customize your animal visit based on which components are most important to you!

Picnics and other Special Events
1 Small Animal $410.00 $540.00
2 Small Animals $600.00 $810.00
1 Large Animal $810.00 $1070.00
2 Large Animals $1110.00 $1480.00
1 Large Animal, 1 Small Animal $830.00 $1090.00
1 Large Animal, 2 Small Animals $860.00 $1130.00
1 Premium Animal $1270.00 $1590.00
1 Large Animal $1100.00 $1470.00
2 Large Animals $1520.00 $2020.00

Other combinations can be priced upon request
Tax (13% HST) is not included. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Outreach Touch Table

Add an assortment of amazing bio-facts - like skulls, bones, teeth, fur, and feathers - that you can touch and feel, pick up, and investigate to complement the animal visitors.
No thanks $100.00 (1 hr) $150.00 (2 hrs)

Tax (13% HST) is not included. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Contact Information

First name *
Last name *
Company (if appropriate)
Daytime telephone number *
Email address *

Event Information

Date of event (mm-dd-yyyy)*
Requested start time
Purpose of event
Number of guests
Is the event private or public?
Is the venue indoors or outdoors?
Address of event: *
City *
Postal Code *

Contact person on day of event
Telephone number on day of event

Other special requests

 including animals to avoid

Please note that submission of an application does not guarantee a booking.

You will receive a response within two business days of receiving your request. Approval may be contingent on prior scheduling, animal requirements, and event site inspection. All animal off-site events are subject to the Toronto Zoo’s Animal Off-site Policies.

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