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Fighting Extinction – Why we are here
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Why Math?

Activities, Assignments, and Lesson Plans

Challenge your students to observe, read, think, record data, and make their own discoveries while at the Toronto Zoo with these free, curriculum-linked resources.

Grade 9 - Biomes
Grade 9 - Biomes Worksheet
Grade 9 - Sustainable Ecosystems
Grade 9 - Urbanization
Grade 10 - Climate Change
Grade 10 - Sustainability of Ecosystems
Grade 11 - Anthropology
Grade 11 - Biodiversity
Grade 11 - Environmental Science
Grade 11 - Evolution
Grades 9-12 - Polar Bears and the Arctic Teacher Resource Package
Grades 9-12 - What’s New at the Zoo Inquiry-based Resource Package Part 1
Grades 9-12 - What’s New at the Zoo Inquiry-based Resource Package Part 2

Adopt-A-Pond Wetland Conservation Program

Bats- A Conservation Guide; Bat Awareness App; How the Toronto Zoo is helping
Rattlesnakes - Lessons and Activities
Turtles - Lessons and Activities
Wetlands - Lessons and Activities
Species Guides

Additional resources (e.g. posters, species identification guides, brochures) can be ordered by contacting the Adopt-A-Pond Coordinator at 416-392-5999 or

Animal Fact Sheets

Click here

to find out more about our amazing animals.


Species Spotlight

– Learn more about at-risk species the Toronto Zoo is helping to save and protect

Why We Need Zoos

– TEDx Toronto Talk delivered by Dr. Gabriela Mastromonaco (Toronto Zoo Curator - Reproductive Programs & Research)
Great Big Story – On the Brink video clips:

Bald Eagle


Blanding’s Turtle


Massasauga Rattlesnake

Bat Research and Conservation

– Partners in Research Live Event. Why do bats matter? What should you do if you find a bat? Watch to learn the answers!

Are you and your students interested in helping to protect plants, animals, and their environment?

Click here

to find out more about conservation projects the Toronto Zoo supports and learn how you can get involved.

General Zoo Information

Check out these informative booklets that answer some of the most commonly asked Zoo questions.

Zoos and Conservation
Toronto Zoo - Facts and Figures
Zoo Careers
Feeding Time at the Toronto Zoo

Pictures, Social Media, Live Cams, and Videos

Pictures & Social Media - @TheTorontoZoo

Live Cams & Videos
YouTube - @TheTorontoZoo
Fighting Extinction – Why we are here
TELUS Giant Panda Cam
Conservation Videos
Toronto Zoo

Why Math? Careers Involving Math Podcast Series

The Toronto Zoo is proud to be a part of VROC's (Virtual Researcher On Call) podcast series

Why Math?

This podcast series features a variety of career opportunities open to students that take math throughout high school and university. It is intended to be a valuable resource for teachers that are constantly answering that same old question from students: Why do I have to take math?

Videos highlighting Zoo careers feature:

Dr. Chris Dutton

- Toronto Zoo Veterinarian

Dr. Gaby Mastromonaco

- Curator of Reproductive Programs & Research

Jaap Wensvoort

- Nutritionist

Samantha Ironside and Mary Kate Whibbs

discussing the role of math and information sharing in the conservation of marine life at the Toronto Zoo.

The Zoo and your students, an equation that works!