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Panda Program

We are currently accepting bookings for all school programs. For more information about the programs we offer or to make a booking, please email or call 416-392-5944.

Grade Level:

K to 8


$11 per student ($3 program fee + $8 student admission fee) *Includes HST

Program Times:

10:00 am, 11:15 am or 12:30 pm (55 minutes)


Interactive presentation and short Zoo staff-led visit to giant pandas


Education learning space and giant panda exhibit


20-50 students per program
*For groups under 20 students, a minimum program fee ($60 per program) will apply.


This is a Zoo staff-led program.
Please book early, as programs fill up quickly.
* Panda programs are available from September to June.

Primary Panda Program (Grades K-3)

Are your students ready to become panda experts? In this exciting program, students are introduced to all things panda, including their characteristics, where they live, their life cycle, favourite foods, and some fascinating adaptations that allow giant pandas to survive in the mountainous, bamboo forests of China. This program has direct links to the Life Systems strand of the Ontario Science and Technology Curriculum for grades 1-3.

Junior/Intermediate Panda Program (Grades 4-8)

Did you know that even though giant pandas have the same digestive system as a carnivore, bamboo makes up 99 % of their diet? In this program, students will not only learn how giant pandas have adapted to digest bamboo, but also about the ecosystem pandas call home, the classification of giant pandas, and the current conservation issues threatening the survival of pandas and how that affects local biodiversity. This program has direct links to the Life Systems strand of the Ontario Science and Technology Curriculum for grades 4-6 and is age appropriate for grades 4-8.

Giant Panda Resources

Giant Panda Teacher Resources and Activity Guide (Grades K-8)

FREE to Download

Explore our Giant Panda Teacher Resources and Activity Guide! This booklet is full of interesting and engaging lesson plans, activities, and fascinating information for students in the primary, junior, and intermediate divisions. All activities are curriculum-linked and can be used prior to your visit, during your visit, or as a wrap-up activity once you get back to school.

"The program was educational and interactive!"
- St. Alphonsus Catholic School