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Name of Stream: _______________________________ Date: __________________
Location: _______________________________ Time: ____________________
Weather Conditions: _________________________________________________
Group Members: ______________________________________________________

Physical Property

What You Do

Site 1

Site 2

Site 3

Water Depth

Measure the stream depth using the metre stick.


Water Temperature

Allow the thermometer to stay in place for one-minute to ensure an accurate reading.


Turbidity (clarity of water)

See notes below. Measured using your secchi disk. Being careful not to stir up the water with your feet, lower the disk slowly into the water. When the disk disappears from site mark the string, pull the disk up and check the depth.


Stream Flow (velocity)

Use the rope attached to 2 poles measure off a 10-metre long distance. Drop a ping pong ball right next to the upstream pole and record the time it takes to float 10 metres (to the downstream pole). Multiply the time by 100, then divide 3600 by your answer to find km/hr.


Site 1 on north shore or in a shaded location
Site 2 in the middle of the stream or at least 2 metres from shore
Site 3 on the south shore or in an area that receives sun for most or all of the day.