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Rattlesnake Curriculum

Grades 1 - 8
by Strand
Grades 9 -12
by Strand
Rattlesnake Curriculum
by Topic
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Rattlesnake Curriculum

Grades 9 - 10
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Course Strand B: BiologyStrand C: ChemistryStrand D: E & SStrand E: Physics
9 Academic SNC1D Sustainable Ecosystems
Atoms, Elements and Compounds The Study of the Universe The Characteristics of Electricity
9 Applied SNC1P Sustainable ecosys and human activity
Exploring Matter Space ExplorationElectrical Applications
10 Academic SNC2DTissues, Organs and sys. Of living thingsChemical ReactionsClimate ChangeLight and geometric optics
10 Applied SNC2PTissues, Organs and SystemsChem reactions and their practical appl. Earth's Dynamic Climatelight and applications of optics

Grades 11 and 12
Select by Grade/Strand
Course Strand B Strand C Strand D Strand E Strand F
11 U Biology SBI3U Diversity of Living Things
Evolution Genetic Processes Animals: Structure and Function
Plants: Anatomy, growth and function
11 C Biology SBI3CCellular BiologyMicrobiologyGeneticsAnatomy of Mammals Plants in the Natural Environment
12 U Biology SBI4U Biochemistry Metabolic Processes Molecular Genetics Homeostasis Population Dynamics
11 U/C Enviro. Sci.SVN3M Sci. Solutns to cont. enviro challenges
Human Health and the environment Sustainable Agric. and Forestry Reducing and Managing waste Conservation of Energy
11 E Enviro. Sci SVN3E Human impact on the environment
Human Health and the environmentEnergy ConservationNatural Resource Sci. and Mgmt.The Safe and enviro resps. Workplace
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