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FrogWatch Ontario is a fun, easy amphibian monitoring project for people of all ages. It's a great activity for schools, families, landowners, agricultural groups, cottagers, and community and naturalist groups across the province.

FrogWatch Ontario is part of the national initiative, FrogWatch Canada, administered by Environment Canada. Adopt-A-Pond is the provincial coordinator of the project. FrogWatch Ontario is a partnership between Toronto Zoo's Adopt-A-Pond Wetland conservation Programme, Environment Canada's NatureWatch program and the Ontario Government's Natural Heritage Information Centre (NHIC).

To receive a Frogwatch-Ontario package contact us. Listen for frog and toad calls in the spring and summer and help to save amphibians in Ontario! Adopt-A-Pond can help you learn to identify frogs visually and by their calls! Contact Adopt-A-Pond to receive a FrogWatch Ontario Package or see our on-line Amphibians of Ontario guide to learn to identify the frogs in your area by sight and sound! All data collected online is automatically stored at the Natural Heritage Information Centre (NHIC).

When you sign up you can choose to be a Level 1 FrogWatcher or a Level 2 FrogWatcher.

Level 1 FrogWatchers report sightings on a casual, observation by observation basis.

Level 2 FrogWatchers report sightings on a more routine schedule that provides additional information to scientists studying the impact of climate change and other threats to amphibian populations. Level 2 FrogWatchers are encouraged to report observations three times a week (whether frogs are present or absent) during the breeding season (late March to early August; time frames will vary depending on your latitude in Ontario).


  • Amphibians of Ontario Identifier Guide (hardcopy, on-line)
  • Amphibians of Ontario poster (hardcopy)
  • Frog and Toad Calls of Ontario (CD)

Click here for the latest FrogWatch summary!


Why should I participate?

    Over time, trends in Frogwatch observations may detect measurable climatic change in Ontario! Frogwatch data also contributes to scientific databases on frog distributions in Ontario.

  1. Frogwatch Observations help scientists:
    • track climate change using phenology (the study of times of recurring natural phenomena) data
    • identify positive and negative population trends
    • learn about range and distribution of frogs and toads (especially in the northern extent of known ranges)
  2. It's a fun, easy family or community activity which can lead to protection of wetland habitat & species
  3. You will learn about lifestyles of the wet and wonderful...

How do I participate?

    Follow these 6 easy steps to become a Frogwatcher!

  1. Learn frog calls using this website or our Frog and Toad Calls of Ontario CD
  2. Register as an observer using your email address as your observer ID using the entry form links below
  3. Register a location
  4. Go out and listen for frogs and toads at your selected location (Frogwatchers are encouraged to monitor for 15 minutes at least three times a week, but even a single observation is useful!)
  5. Record observations using the data sheet
  6. Submit observations using your observation number and location information on the Frogwatch website!

Where can I Frogwatch?

    Frogwatching can be done anywhere, from your backyard or cottage, at a local or provincial park!

    Report your sighting or
    sign up by clicking below:

    I want to learn more about calling Amphibians in Ontario!

    I want to learn more about the characteristics of amphibians!